ROOH was established June of 2017.  

Our Products:

ROOH and all of its products are designed and built to compliment the diverse lifestyles of the Muslim/non-Muslim women of today that seek to implement the current trend of the fashion world in their dress code.  We love to focus on combinations of various colours, textures and prints. 
All our products are handmade and designed with the current fashion trend in mind as well as having women who love to incorporate basics as well as different statement pieces in their closets.

What makes us Unique?

We like to focus on the trends in the west and as well as the east and have a fusion of both when designing our products. Our products come out according to season and as well as trends, in that case we only have a limit amount of inventory available for each piece. This way our customers get to have a unique piece in their own closet.
Our Robes, are our specialty. We have them available for order all year long!

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